Finish @ Home Range

Why enjoy a fresh, restaurant style meal at home when you can go out and enjoy the ‘real’ thing at The Green Room without cooking… let me count the ways…

As a rule we would love for you to travel to our lovely restaurant, experience a great night out or a special lunchtime treat. To spend time and enjoy a delicious meal, but with all that has been happening, we completely understand that traveling and eating out aren’t a priority, not when it comes to your physical and mental health. So, we have decided to make life easier and a little more exciting when it comes to your ‘stay @ home’ needs.

One: Simply

Our ‘Finish @ Home’ range of starters, mains & desserts are created by our chefs, prepped, seasoned, cooked and contained for an easy finish and an excellent end. All you have to do is choose from our online menu then press send. The very next day, pop in and pick up your order with full instructions on how to turn your take out into an al la carte sensation, professionally prepared by us, and finished by you. Set up your table, pour yourselves your favourite tipple, sit down and dig in. You may feel a moment of confusion, but remember you are in your own home, and you did make this in your kitchen… it’ll pass quickly.

Two: Specially

Special occasions don’t have to be complicated to be something unique and specially created for the person or people you’d like to treat. Whether you’re having a family meal, a birthday celebration or a romantic anniversary, choosing to stay at home and donning your chef’s hat is an admiral decision, and that’s where we can make your evening much less about the prep, and much more about the celebrating. With every meal you finish by us, will have saved you 95% of the time it would take to prepare, season & cook something as special as what we have in our menu. Think about the gin & tonic gossip you won’t miss out on! The reason for making one night more special than another isn’t just our ‘Finish @ Home’ food, it’s being able to spend more time with the ones we love while enjoying it.

Three: Skilfully

It takes hours to cook and pull together a gourmet meal for friends, family, colleagues, in-laws, new neighbours or various other possibilities that need their own category, if you’re trying to impress or even just keep naturally downturned mouths full. Our food is made by chefs with years of experience; it’s homemade in our kitchen from scratch, using the best in quality supplies, cheese, meat, grains, fruit, vegetables, pulses… And it takes skill and a little flare to pull off the kind of meal people will leave their house for, and come back again and again for. What we’re offering is a way for you to finish off a meal that will create a surprising, mirthful and frivolous atmosphere. If you’d like to take the credit for a meal well received, it’s not for us to say, we just hope your ears don’t burn from all the praise you may not get to hear.

In conclusion, we’re here for you @ home and in town. We’re fully prepared to make you look like a wizard in the kitchen when home is where you choose to enjoy our freshly prepared food, finished by you, or, if you’re coming to visit our Green Room for any reason, we’re always looking forward to making that connection with you one way or another.