Hotel Office Solution

Working from home is not a new concept but has certainly become widespread since March and the coming of lockdown. Now, we’re trying to find some sense of normal or the’ new normal’ in everyday life but it seems as though working from home is still, and could be, one of permanence.

Commuters everywhere may be silently punching the air in unison due to restrictions on travelling unnecessarily, without the bus, train or car drive there is more time in the day to actually work, avoid traffic and essentially stress less, and if everything is quiet and relaxed when working from home, your working week should be productive, satisfying and encouraging.

And if not, can we help?

Distractions can be noise, silence or working from home and just seeing all the things you need to do, or would rather do, even have no choice in doing. Kids can be too cute to ignore and animals to irresistible not to love. If you’re not usually home at certain times of the day, TV can create little habits, as can family routines and the all-important weather. If you’re having trouble focusing, have a think about renting one of our hotel rooms from 9 – 5.

We have a couple of rooms that are equipped with desks and chairs, light, Wi-Fi and room service, as distraction-less spaces for you to knuckle down for a day or two just to get ahead for the week or get those lists crossed off before the weekend arrives.

We are happy to bring in lunch, tea and coffee, nibbles or you can join us in the restaurant for a well-deserved break. The various areas we have available in the restaurant means working lunches, meetings and catch ups can be safe, warm and private.

Sounds like you’d being going home after a relaxing and productive day.

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