The Fondest Hotel in Colchester Town!

For the last ten years, The North Hill Hotel & Green Room have progressed from a small, unknown entity at the edge of Colchester Town Centre, shedding the previous incarnation of The Peveril Hotel, into a thriving and familiar Hotel & Restaurant.

The hotel has been a commodity to many local and international companies with headquarters, training facilities and easy access to both of Colchester’s train stations, here in town. With Corporate rates and a small, strong team who know exactly who you are and what you’ll need, saves time and explanation on all fronts, whether personal details, allergies, preferences… the list goes on.

Our regulars find our family like team, comfortable dining area and opulent rooms like a home from home. Not everyone likes to travel away from their homestead and families every week/month but they know the visit to our independent hotel & restaurant will be a relaxed, effortless experience. One made positively easy and familiar from multiple stays.

The hotel is often used by ticket holders of Colchester Castle Events, Colchester Art Centre, Mercury Theatre and First Site. All and more of these visitors find our hotel incredibly convenient. We have a room for bags for early guests, non-chargeable early check-in whenever possible, 24 hour onsite staff and a hearty breakfast or a light buffet after an eventful night.

For special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, evenings out and weddings, we have beautiful rooms and suites to fall into at the end of your special day. We also have a day use room for the bride to be, for freshening up or the full makeover. The room is spacious and bright, perfect for a Colchester Town Hall Wedding.

Overall, The North Hill Hotel has a feeling of ease, of a fondness of the familiar, a friend in the staff and a home in the town of Colchester, for any reason. Once we were a hidden gem, and now we’re an international treasure.